Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Did Phoenix Police and FBI fusion center information-sharing on protesters extend to Freeport-McMoran, too?

Good news!  Arizona's richest CEOs are doing fine.  Because I know you were worried.  So, just so you can sleep at night, know that although there was a slight dip in pay for the state's top CEO's and chairpersons (there's a woman or two in the mix, after all!), Arizona's capitalists and managers-in-chief are still making out pretty damn well.  Granted the average did drop from $1.33 million the year before to $1.31 million last year, but what's twenty grand between friends, right?  Hey, we're all tightening our belts these days!

And standing on the top of the heap for a second year in a row is Freeport-McMoran CEO Richard Adkerson.  While the average worker in Arizona took around $44,000 last year, the mining boss took in just shy of $20 million, which actually was quite a bit less than the year before, when Adkerson cashed out some stock and took home a cool $82 million.

Which should come as some consolation to mine workers in


The short version?  The Feds let Infragard sit in on FBI fusion center discussions about Occupy protests in Phoenix that targeted Freeport-McMoran, and the head of security for Freeport-McMoran in Phoenix is a member of Infragard.

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  1. Damn. that infraguard group is scary. just about anyone can sign up to access "protected information" about anyone the FBI wants to share with them (which, by the way "is provided as a service to InfraGard members and may be unevaluated and unverified. As such, Protected Information is not guaranteed to be accurate, complete, or actionable.")...I wonder if they'd let me join. Maybe we shold all try and see who gets in...